Sebastian St. Cyr # 4

Where Serpents Sleep - C.S. Harris

This series keeps getting better and better! Indeed, I found my new favourite series for this year. I love the shift to Hero Jarvis as main character AND as new love interest (which I secretly hoped would happen in the previous books). I'm enjoying this series so much with all the twists and turns. I also like the surgeon Paul a lot. I find nineteenth-century forensics really interesting, which is why I have a preference for historical mysteries.


This book upgrades the series in my eyes. Highly recommended.


Note: I read the series up till book 8 and I must make a side note overall on the series. The author's writing style doesn't change neither does her way of telling the story, well the investigation change, which means that it becomes pretty formulaic and can be for some readers off-putting. Personally I like it, it's a bit reminiscent of crime series on tv. But I admit sometimes I wish the author would approach her storytelling a bit differently. It always starts with a body found and then Sebastian going from one place to another and repeatedly asking (the same) questions. In the last two books the mystery became a bit too intricate and thus difficult to follow. In the future I should take notes while reading intricate mysteries.