Kara Gillian # 5

Touch of the Demon - Diana Rowland

Nothing makes sense anymore in this instalment. It felt like the author was out of ideas for Kara as a detective, the story took a complete new turn.

- The first 10 chapters or so are descriptions about the Demon realm, its inhabitants, and the magic system. I liked the first chapters and I'm grateful for descriptions when the author brings up a new environment. As long as it happens within reason. Ms. Rowland is going over the top with descriptions. I was often bored during the first half of the book. Then around 40% a "major" plot twist took place, I frankly didn't see coming but disappointed me so much that suddenly the series lost its appeal to me. Also the torture scene was much too long.

- I liked Kara as a detective and honestly I continued the series because of Rhyzkahl (and the smexy times with him). I wanted to know more about Rhyzkahl and I couldn't wait for Kara and him to be an item and see how their relationship would develop. In the end none of that will happen. And I'm disappointed with what the author did with Rhyzkahl. I didn't care for Ryan at the beginning because he's a dull character. And I also didn't care for Manzahl [(aka the initially villain turned love interest) at all. So Kara is sleeping with with 3 demon lords (one of them she calls "Boss"). It's time she makes up her mind. I didn't recognise Kara anymore. I might be wrong because it has been a while since I read book 4, but she felt different.

- What bothered me the most is the new cast of characters. It was already difficult to remember and warm up to the original characters -- I gradually got to know them a bit better in book 4 -- but in Touch of the Demon the author introduced us to a bunch of new characters with names I couldn't even pronounce correctly.

I'm glad I read this series because I had an enjoyable time with the first 4 books, but I won't read the next book. The romance disappointed me, at this point I don't care for the characters anymore, and the plot is all over the place.