Frost Burned (Mercedes Thompson, #7)

Frost Burned (Mercedes Thompson, #7) - Patricia Briggs I had a really hard time finishing this book and we are talking about the Mercy Thompson series here. Frost Burned is not bad but to be honest boring (certainly the first 80% of it). It was difficult to stay concentrated on the plot. After reading the spin-off (Alpha and Omega) and the Mercy Thompson series, I'm afraid that this series might outstay its welcome if it doesn't revert to the awesomeness of the first books.

The issue with the current Mercy Thompson books (even though I liked River Marked) is that there's still so much potential and mostly character growth to exploit but the author instead focuses on the plot and Mercy (& Adam). Although that last one is okay, I personally prefer that the secondary characters are a bit more involved in the story. For example I would like to know more about Bran, Ben, Samuel, Warren and Stefan (and for some wicked reason Wulfe). Like what about Samuel and Ariana's relationship (which I'm not happy with but nobody asked for my opinion) or Bran and his relationship with his 'new' wife Leah (I thought I would read the spin-off to know more about them and the Marrok's pack but that turned out to be a bummer). And I can't get enough of Ben and Warren. The author will probably address those matters in the future books but lately and due to Frost Burned especially I find myself less and less engaged in the MT series. Because really it has taken a boring course.

So I will read the following book, there's still potential to the Mercy Thompson universe but I'm a little worried.