Forged in Blood II (The Emperor's Edge, #7)

Forged in Blood II (The Emperor's Edge, #7) - Lindsay Buroker The first thing I checked when FiB II was available was the amount of pages. Although I knew whatever the number of pages FiB II would have, it would still be too short for my taste.

What an emotional roller coaster the FiB II was.
Though the ending is satisfying and Buroker provides us with some closure, it is obvious that other more 'individually' adventures lay ahead for our heroes. I hope Buroker will eventually exploit those in a new novel. Considering the afterword it would be most likely. As to which character I would like to read further about I would say Amaranthe and Sicarius but I think it would be interesting to know more about Sespian and his future and the eventual development between him and his love interest.

Now to justify my rating of 4 stars instead of the usual 5. Because as in FiB I, I didn't enjoy Sicarius's separation from Amaranthe. And I found the story dragging during that separation because I was mostly in full anticipation for their reunion.

Apart from that, the first 5 books of the Emperor's Edge were, in my opinion, highly enjoyable. I'm glad I found this incredible series.