Woman of Honor (Kingdom of Arnhem, #1)

Woman of Honor (Kingdom of Arnhem, #1) - Nicole Zoltack

I’ m having a difficult time reviewing this book. It had so many ups and downs. The first half of this book began as a 4 star rating, going into a 2 star, to end up as a 3 star book.

In Woman of Honor we get to follow Aislinn in her journey to knighthood. When the story begins she is 7/8 years old. Before you know it, she’s a page and then a squire where she reaches adulthood. At the same time the pacing can be confusing; sometimes I had to remember how old the characters were.
I liked the elements that made the book a fantasy but they weren’t used to their fullest. At some point the story focuses too much on the romance part. Although I enjoyed the developing of the relationship between Aislinn and Caelan, I felt it just took the whole story over and in the end many things left unexplained. For example we don’t get a further explanation for the Alce, the Shadow Warriors and the appearances of her brother Christopher. Maybe those will be explained in the next book but I thought the Alce and Christopher were only linked to Aislinn and not Geoffrey (given that book 2 deals with his story). But just to be sure I’m going to read the second book anyway.

So even if I really enjoyed this book, I grew more and more disappointed nearing the end of it. While the plotline was really promising, I just wished some passages were dealt differently.