Bloodfever (Fever, #2)

Bloodfever (Fever, #2) - Karen Marie Moning Definitely a plot improvement. Bloodfever is darker than its prequel. This installment contains more action, intrigue and mystery. Definitely more mystery.

But I still couldn’t reconcile myself to the writing style. The last 50 pages killed it for me. The first 2/ 3 of the book went so well but the last part was cumbersome. The incessant embellishment of phrases, use of metaphors and long philosophical thoughts, like MacKayla is having an inner poetical contest were tiresome. I don’t want to guess what happened. I want to read the action now. Besides, that let’s punch each other senseless and have a smexy time scene just didn’t do it for me. They behaved out of character. I could understand MacKayla acting like that since she was drugged on Unseelie but Barrons behaving irrational while being in the enemy’s HQ? I hope there is an explanation for it.
The sequence of questions MacKayla asks herself was beyond irritating. We all know there are many things left unanswered. Be a Sherlock Holmes, do some research and spread the answers. And the constant confirmation of things the reader already knows was redundant. If needed, the glossary provides all the already gathered information by MacKayla. The prologue and first chapter of Faefever finally convinced me. MacKayla suffers from Alzheimer.

The fun part of the Fever series is trying to figure out the identity of Jericho Barrons. I have some suspicions so I’m really anticipating for the huge revelation. (Plus what he's keeping under his garage is so intriguing).