Red Seas Under Red Skies (GollanczF.)

Red Seas Under Red Skies (GollanczF.) - Scott Lynch

I'm a bit disappointed with Red Seas. It is definitely not Lies part 2. The GB is one of those series that has a solid and convincing start but an extremely poor sequel that doesn't live up to the first book at all. I had high hopes for Red Skies but those where never met.
So what made Lies so good? And why in my opinion is Red Seas so-so?


Two things bothered me. Firstly; I highly enjoyed the first 300 pages or so but the following 200 felt like intermission. Honestly I fell in love with the cover, and who doesn't enjoy pirates in their stories? The thing is once Jean and Locke's adventure at sea started I realised this isn't actually what I expected, not treated in that particular way. That interval was unnecessarily long, it 'interrupted' my reading process and I had to pull the threads together. Maybe at the beginning it was tolerable but after 200 pages... Red Skies can easily be split in three parts, completely independent from each other. Also nothing really interesting happened during that interval in the way that it wasn't necessary and it didn't really contributed anything to the story.

Secondly, I like Jean and I enjoyed his pov but I like Jean and Locke working as a team more. There were moments where Locke was absent or only played a minor role. And it felt like the story suffered from his quasi absence. At one moment the focus shifted from Locke and Jean to the pirates and their daily life at sea. I missed their mischief, schemes, the thieving, the disguises and double crossings etcetera. I was more invested in the subplot 'Requin and the Sinspire' than the mission they got from Stragos.

In general RSURS lacked the unexpected twists and banter that Lies had in abandon. So I still enjoyed Red Seas but I just expected better.

Now I can't wait to have my hands on a copy of Republic of Thieves and I hope that Republic is a bit more Lies because as they say in French 'one doesn't change a winning team'.