Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, Book 1)

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead Mrs Mead is driving me nuts. I always feel the need to vent my frustration after reading one of her books.
In enjoyed VA as much as her other books (except for Shadow Heir which was traumatic!).
I kind of liked the idea of a school full of vampires and a guardian breed dedicated to protect them. But actually it’s the school setting that just irritated me the most. More specifically Rose ruined it.
While being in her head, trying to follow her reasoning, I think some precious brain cells burned. I have no respect for such a main protagonist at all.

I absolutely can't recommend this book.

I think a have a love-hate relationship with the author. I like to read Mead’s writings because her stories are good and she is a good writer but there seems to be a major problem with her female main protagonists.

Meanwhile I read book 2 (Frost Bite) and the only improvement was Adrian therefore I will drop this series.