Last Argument of Kings (First Law 3)

Last Argument of Kings - Joe Abercrombie To resume this book in one word: overkill. Too much of the 'good' stuff and it becomes sickening. I had a saturation of battles and action-sequence with this one. If a certain event happens frequently it becomes a routine, it is not exceptional anymore and my interest gets lost. That's why I unfortunately felt compelled to skim some battle descriptions. There's a need to give the reader a break once in a while.

I don't require the books I read to have a happy ending. But it seems that every single character in the First Law trilogy is a turncoat/backstabber or a coward. That doesn't make them ultimately dislikeable but it's not like you got much choice either. In Before they are Hanged there was character growth and it felt like the gang made some progress in group cohesion and mutual thrust. Here we get to see the complete corrupted side of every character and we are back at the beginning. In the end it's everyone for themselves. No problem. I can deal with that but it's so heavy. A saturation of anti-heroes.

Also I can't digest what happened with Dogman and his company.

Lastly there were some lose threads (ex. Ferro/Vitari/Logen). The end was a bit abrupt.

All in all I had a enjoyable time with this trilogy, I just feel indifferent towards this last book.