Magic Rises (Kate Daniels)

Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews

Magic Rises was la crème de la crème but at the same time there was a little too much tragedy and drama for my sensitive/emotional ego.
I must say this book provides us with some serious epic fight scenes, loved it. Even though I sometimes felt like Kate was helpless however I understand she can’t always save the day for everyone. And Ilona Andrews took the humorous banter up a notch, some interactions were downright hilarious.
Although some plot twists were pretty much predictable, Magic Rises is highly entertaining and what an emotional rollercoaster. In the end I couldn't put the book down. Almost as good as book 3.
I understand that the romantic subplot was not that credible, especially since Curran and Kate’s relationship differs from that of the puny mortal ones. Remember Curran, honesty above all. But to be honest that part of the story didn’t bother me so much. Curran is Curran, I still love that fluffy lion.

So in a nutshell:
- As always Kate kicks ass, she’s my role model.
- Loved/hated (can’t seem to chose) Lord ‘Megobari’
- I wanted more of Derek (hopefully in the next one)
- Barabas is hilarious (more of him too, please)
- Mahon is growing on me and George is a hero
- Aunt B (I understand it quite fits but still I liked that woman dammit)

Anyway, in my eyes Ilona Andrews can do no wrong. Now in full anticipation mode for Magic Breaks.