Heartless (The Parasol Protectorate)

Heartless - Gail Carriger What happened?

I'm sure it's the same author as the previous books for I still tremendously enjoyed Carriger's writing style and witty banter. She can turn daily life exchanges between individuals into something funny and clever. But what happened with Alexia and the ending which felt predictable and all over the place.

If Alexia was a bit bossy in Blameless she's downright tyrannical in Heartless (I think the title is a reflection on Alexia's behaviour in this book). Even though she is muhjah Alexia holds all the political and legal power in her hand. This development of events is a drastic change from Alexia's situation in the first instalment, Soulless. There's nothing wrong in keeping your characters 'mortal' and let them move inside the social space they have been given to by their contemporary society. Nothing is more boring than an omnipotent character.


And the intentionally negligence of plot coherence. Alexia had countless opportunities to eliminate the Westminster hive even without possible repercussions but instead she saved and protected the very persons who want to kill her and her child (if Akeldama doesn't stand in for the child's rearing). That does not sound logical to me. It feels like keeping the vampires 'alive' was done on purpose, to give Alexia and the pack a reason to move to London. Too convenient.

Ivy and Felicity whom Alexia believed simple and dumb and therefore constantly underestimated them, all outwitted her. This female lead I held so high in regard made simple mistakes which the reader could predict miles away. I'm talking about the relocation of the vampire hive. Too contrived just to make the puzzle fit. And I can't blame Akeldama for being opportunistic.

Lastly I cannot approve of a heroine who can't properly understand motherly concern when that woman's child has been kidnapped by not so nice people. And then sell that very woman to her enemies so they can feast upon her misery and still profit from her intellect. That's simply put heartless. And badly played on Alexia's part. Willingly give your enemies an invaluable weapon? Not so clever.

It's sad that one of my favourite series has come to this. I'm disappointed.