Lying Season

Lying Season - Karina Halle *no spoilers*

I agree with the author with her assertion that Lying Season is the best book in the series up till now.
In Lying Season Dex invites Perry to Seattle and offers Perry to sleep over at their (Dex and Jenn) place. Which Perry, due to financial reasons is forced to accept.

Lying Season is as scary as the previous one (for more impact read the Experiment in Terror series in the dark).

[...] Then it stopped and was followed by the slow CREAK of a door opening. Someone was coming out of one of the cells.

But in LS we finally get Perry, Dex and Jenn together and meet the rest of the Shownet cast. Tension and awkwardness guaranteed.

Perry is an excellent narrative voice. One thing I noticed in the LS and not so much in the previous books is the humour. Perry's comments regarding drugs, hallucinations, Jenn, alcohol etc were hilarious.

Dex is definitely an interesting character. And so is his relationship with Perry. I am certain of Perry's feelings towards Dex but Dex's actions and way of thinking are beyond me. Actually at the end of Dead Sky Morning I though the issue would be resolved until they parted ways like nothing happened. The romantic/sexual tension is really frustrating after four books. Especially in Lying Season. I just hope the Experiment in Terror won't exclusively focus on the romantic drama.