The Mad Scientist's Daughter

The Mad Scientist's Daughter - Cassandra Rose Clarke *review contains spoilers*

Too much angst and melodrama for me.

Beware that this book is so depressing and full of uncalled drama. The Mad Scientist's Daughter provides us with a sequence of bad choices and tragedies occurring in the main protagonist's life. And I still think it was okay. Mostly because I enjoy the author's writing style, that's it.

The Mad Scientist's Daughter supposed to be a romantic sob story but instead it did a nice job at making me dislike the female main character, and giving me a whole deal of frustration.

THE main issue in The Mad Scientist Daughter is the female protagonist, Cat. She fucks up a lot. You can mess up once, twice but not endlessly. Eventually you have to learn from your mistakes. I couldn't relate to Cat at all. She came across as clueless and selfish and till the end behaved like a spoiled child.

I really enjoyed the first 20% of this book (her childhood) until Cat stopped being cute (the story covers a vast amount of time and treats various stages in the main protagonist's life). I thought - after reading the synopsis and the first pages - that Cat would/supposed to be the only human being that could consider Finn as a person and take his feelings into consideration. The opposite is true. Cat takes Finn for granted. And treats him as a insentient robot, constantly reminding him he can't 'feel'. Cat uses Finn. Therefore the ending wasn't in the least satisfactory because that issue between the 'couple' was not properly resolved. The only person who questioned Cat's relationship with Finn disappeared rather quickly. Actually everything went downhill from that moment on. Anyway I'm not really fond of angsty romances.

At some point Cat tries to redeem herself and a bit further finally realises her feelings and acknowledges her mistake. But after putting up for so long with her bad behaviour I really couldn't feel sorry for her.

My verdict; awesome author, pleasant writing style and the premise of this book sounded good but in the end this story wasn't for me.