The Emperor's Edge

The Emperor's Edge (The Emperor's Edge #1) - Lindsay Buroker The EE series is like the A-team but with a female leader instead and set in an alternative world. It is certainly not a dark/epic fantasy but rather a fun fantasy sprinkled with steampunkish elements with a lot of action and a touch of romance.

I liked the EE so much, it kept me from sleeping. My eyes were aching and tearing and I still hoped I could read one more page before I fell asleep, unfortunately I lost many battles. I’m a fan of adventure stories and The EE exceeded my expectations.

The story itself was fast-paced. At some point I thought this book could use a little more descriptions of the settings but after I finished it, everything was perfectly fine. I really enjoyed some turn of events I didn’t see coming. And the suspense was always present.

I enjoyed Ms Buroker’s writing style and my absolutely favourite aspect of this book is the ever present banter. The interactions between Books and Maldynado were hilarious. I also became fond of Akstyr and his young devil-may-care attitude. Amaranthe is a very endearing character and always (sometimes unbelievably) gets herself out of difficult situations. The character development was slow but surely.

I can’t wait to follow the future adventures of Amaranthe and her A-team.