Firelight (Darkest London)

Firelight - Kristen Callihan It seems I can't bring myself to give more than 3 stars to a paranormal romance. Mainly because of two reasons; the romance is too cheesy or the story is flat and slow-paced. I'm also of the opinion that if you read one paranormal romance you practically read them all.

Firelight is said to be a retelling of The Beauty and the Beast but compared to the French tale, Firelight was rather dull. The book has its ups and downs and although I enjoyed the story, in my humble opinion nothing stood out. I also couldn't feel the romantic tension between the two main characters. I had high expections for Lord Archer but those were never met. I wanted him to be the ultimate tortured/brooding love interest (just like the Beast), I guess I shouldn't have done that. Lastly Firelight couldn't keep me invested throughout its story and I started skimming some slow-paced passages. My advice is to skimmed through the first 50 pages or so to get to the core of the story.

All in all the premise of Firelight is original but nothing really special. I might read the sequel given that shifters are more my kind of thing.