Comanche Moon

Comanche Moon  - Catherine Anderson *no spoilers*

Comanche Moon is a solid start and a pleasant read. A sweet romance between a Comanche warrior and a white settler. I specifically liked the author's representation of the different nations and their people by not choosing to depict them as we/them or bad/good.

At some occasions I could easily categorize CM as a historical fiction rather than a typical historical romance. Sometimes reminiscent of the mini series Into the West (I pictured the setting and cast from ITW in my head while reading this book).

A possibly minor point is that Comanche Moon (as the sequel) are emotionally exhausting.

Central themes: trying to achieve coexistence and tolerance between two different cultures, here personified by Hunter of the Wolf and Loretta. During the story they're trying to understand each other and deal with their differences. We so then get the Natives' point of view as well as that of the white settlers. The author successfully conveyed the long and bumpy road the two main characters had to take to make their relationship work.

Characters: Hunter of the Wolf would be anyone's book boyfriend. He's the epitome of the perfect sweet male love interest I would like to see more in romances.
Loretta despite showing less maturity then a twelve year old and sometimes having an annoying way of thinking was likeable.

After the incident Amy went through it was quite predictable that the sequel would be about her. I'm not particularly happy with it since Comanche Heart will inevitably be emotionally trying but definitely gripping.