Shadow Heir (Dark Swan 4)

Shadow Heir (Dark Swan 4) - Richelle Mead Such.experience.never.again !!

I’ve been warned by the reviews, spoiled myself (a lot) and therefore was (very) reluctant to read Shadow Heir (stayed on my bookshelf for months). Since in my opinion everything that should be mentioned about this book has already been said in the past reviews, I’m further not going to waste any more time on it. Just this:
What a disgusting/ upsetting ending! I see no mystery in there, the outcome is pretty clear to me. Dorian and Eugenie’s relationship will not hold and they will eventually break up (people get divorced for a lot less). I would fully understand if Dorian leaves Eugenie and never forgives her for the blunder at the end. But my opinion is biased by sweetheart Dorian. Moreover the last conversation between Eugenie and Kiyo was totally absurd! How forgiving can you be? Eugenie is an idiot. She really is the least likeable heroine ever. By the end I just wanted to b*tchslap Eugenie in the face.

I have a feeling the readers have been heard but not understood by the author. I won’t be persuaded with a spin-off. You start something; you finish it in a proper way. No lose threads!

Anyway, I’m hugely disappointed! Shadow Heir was a painful experience, I want to forget about it as quickly as possible.