Lady of Devices: A steampunk adventure novel (Magnificent Devices)

Lady of Devices  - Shelley Adina I was pleasantly surprised by this book and will read the sequel without hesitation.

In Lady of Devices the English high society is divided in two camps: The Bloods and the Wits. The Bloods represent the conservative aristocracy who believe in traditional machinery. While at the other side you have the Wits, the more progressive group who seek for alternative technology. Lady Claire Trevelyan, supposedly belonging to the former group is actually a sort of a Wit in disguise. After an unfortunate turn of event, she slowly meets her downfall. Luckily Lady Claire, armed with her brain and strong willed, will work her way through until she becomes the respected Lady of Devices.

A quality I appreciated in Mrs. Adina’s book is the practical use of steam engines and pseudoscience throughout daily life in 19th-century England. I was pleased with the scientific explanations and the regular use of steam engines/inventions like for example the landau or the mail tube system. It really helps creating the mood.

I enjoyed the parts where Claire hangs out with the street children and certainly her interactions with Jake.
However I thought that Lady of Devices was rather slow paced and it took quite some time before we get to see some action. It’s a pity the book is so short. I still think it could use a few more pages.