The Graveyard Queen # 2

The Kingdom - Amanda Stevens

First of all The Kingdom focuses on Amelia's past. It was interesting to know more about Amelia's biological parents and the gruesome circumstances about her birth. 
I liked it and would recommend the series but there were a few things that bothered me and prevented The Kingdom to reach the same level of awesomeness as The Restorer:

- In difference with the Restorer the reader could pretty much guess everything beforehand. Even the killer was obvious.
- I didn't like Amelia being romantically involved with Thane. I had already assumed that she and Devlin were an item. It felt a bit contrived. I would have preferred without the romance in this one. Plus his scenario was a bit too similar to Devlin's.
- Amelia kept herself purposefully in the dark. There were quite some occasions where Amelia could have investigate the case a bit more. Instead she just stopped asking questions or assumed the other was telling lies or acting weird. 
- Also the pursuit at the end was a bit too long. And some elements of the book were confusing and labelled as a 'mystery' that couldn't be comprehended. For example I would have liked to know what precisely happened with Van Zandt. Or where did Pell hide Thane's ex-girlfriend, Harper etc. I thought too much was put on the 'evil' residing in the mountains.

Still a great read though. I know that The Prophet deals with Devlin's past and I hope it will be an improvement on the Kingdom.