The Graveyard Queen # 3

The Prophet - Amanda Stevens

I understand what the author wanted to do. The two last books (currently) in the series had the purpose to introduce us to the background of the two main characters. The Kingdom was Amelia's book and The Prophet was Devlin's. But it didn't work out quite so well. 

The Prophet contained 50 % of repetition of the first book (and to a lesser extent the second) which made this book pretty boring. Yes, I wanted to know the culprit and there's still that mystery vibe but don't expect to be as spooked out as with The Restorer (and even The Kingdom was slightly better).
Also half of the book was Amelia pining for Devlin. I'm not a huge fan of the 'I love him but we can never be together therefore I'm wallowing in my self-pity' trope. It's already book three, I want things to move on by now. Besides I don't get Devlin. He needs to be fleshed out a bit more because I feel like I don't really know him. 

The following quotes point out the core issue of this book imo:

I had other things with which to occupy my mind, Devlin foremost among them.

His presence in my life was a danger to us both. 

Hopefully the series will pick up again with The Visitor (2015).

Rating: 2.5 stars