Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels)

Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews

I just finished the book and I'm torn about the rating. If it wasn't for the ending I would definitely give this a 4 stars without hesitation (despite the book's other flaws). I liked it but Magic Breaks is definitely not my favourite of the series. Even Magic Rises (#6) was better than this (I'm fairly sure I'm in the minority on this). It might seem like I didn't really enjoy the book because I'm going to rant a bit, but that's untrue. Kate Daniels is my all time favourite series and I care about it or else I wouldn't bother to write all this down. 

*Possible spoilers*

Just some random thoughts and observations: 

- I enjoyed the first half better than the second. Because first I could enjoy the banter between the side characters, the awesomeness of Kate, oh and there was all hail Desandra! I demand a spin-off series with her. That woman! Like Ascanio said 'I think I'm in love'. I found my replacement for Aunt B. 
Also Curran was mostly absent for the first half of the book and really it didn't bother me. But at the other hand I had an overdose of him in the second half, I don't know why exactly. I think I had an overdose of the lovey-dovey stuff in general. About Kate's pining; I know you love Curran, yes we know that from the previous books already and saying you love him every minute is tiresome.

- The second half (it happened during the whole book actually but it felt more obvious then) was all over the place. Nobody is thinking clearly or takes the time to stop and think about the situation for a while and consider the next step. It felt like people running about in random directions and each individual doing their own thing. I mean 'woman who got rescued by Kate & co in Roland's prison' aka 'deus ex machina 1' why in the bloody hell do you go and fetch a cart to pick up Kate and Curran at the Swan Palace. Am I the only one who think it's weird that woman goes to pick up a cart and knows were Kate and Curran were. And nobody thinks about giving her an update that no she can't go in Roland's territory because he might go ballistic about it. 

- A lot of minor characters from the previous books make their (short and random) appearance. Just like the woman mentioned above I didn't quite remember them and scratched my head placing them in the story. 

- There were some wtf moments were everyone lost their bloody mind and then they're surprised they caused a bloodbath.

- The mole in the Pack was obvious, even though I'm glad it was no character I cared about.

- Okay next, the fight between Hugh and Curran is nothing compared to the epic battle between Kate and Hugh in Magic Rises. I wanted to see Kate in full battle mode again and Magic Breaks only provides us one of those scenes (when Kate fights her way to the dais to her father).

- First meeting with Roland was awesome. The second scene with Roland right after that was fine. Then we get a third scene with Roland right after the second and well it's a bit too much, all crammed in those last chapters. 

- I'm speechless about the ending. It's the kind of action two doomed lovers would take in a romance novel or something. Escaping in the midst of the night even though we know very well that for Roland it's just a game and it doesn't matter. I remember when it had been hinted at in the previous books I dreaded this moment already. I feel for Jim and Barabas. It has been hinted at that Jim doesn't want to inherit the pack. It seems that the Pack accumulates reluctant leaders. I'm also a bit annoyed that the pack would throw shit to Kate while she put her live in danger multiple times for them. Anyway they're leaving some big mess behind, I'm curious how all this is going to turn out.

* Andrea is pregnant so I thought we would see a bit more of Raphael but no. He was absent during the whole book. 
* What about the woollen sweater the witches of the Oracle gave to Kate.
* Why so few scenes with Roman. I wanted more of him.
* Why Sarrat aka 'deus ex machina 2' suddenly. Why did Slayer break? 
* In the end what happened with Doris Davis or something.

I'm glad this is not the last book in the series or else I would be a disappointed fan. It supposed to end the story arc but there were a lot of unresolved issues and loose threads. And I miss the whole Pack. I hope the series won't solely focus on Kate and Curran from now on. 

Enough with the whining, now for the good stuff. I got four names for you: Desandra, Derek, Ascanio and Hugh 

Desandra kicks ass and she's ruthless and fearless or nuts (it depends how you want to see it). The banter between Ascanio and Derek were priceless. They will end up best friends. And Hugh, I like him and how Desandra described him is pretty accurate; he's kind of hot in a sick way. Every time he does something utterly despicable I want Kate to make him pay for it but silently I like him as a character. I'm glad he's still a character in the series because it guarantees for more epicness to come. 

And lastly about Roland: I'm happy with what we have seen of him up until now. I don't know how Kate will handle him because he's clearly always a step ahead. I liked the note he left in the apartment. 

To end this review with style and epicness, a quote from Kate: 

- "Now remember, Kate." Barabas leaned over to me, grinning. "You are the Consort. Be the Consort." He stretched "be" into a three-syllable word. "Think like a --"
- "Open the door or I'll punch you right in the face," I growled.

You got to love Kate when she's in full diplomatic mode. 

And now I'm getting psychologically ready for the agonizing wait for book 8.

Rating: 3.5