Harper Connelly series overview

Grave Secret - Charlaine Harris

Short series overview


I'm kind of sad it's over, reading this series was relaxing in way. It made me want to read more mysteries series. I liked them because the writing is straightforward, and they really read like a crime tv series. Nothing too convoluted.


I recently read the first book in Charlaine Harris' new series starting with Midnight Crossroad. Since I've been told that the recurrent characters in that book made their appearance in Harris' earlier mystery series, I decided to try them and picked up the first in the Harper Connelly series. Even though the series is nothing exceptional and the plot kind of predictable sometimes (I could easily guess the guilty party), I did have a great time reading them. It was nice to just follow Harper and Tolliver's on their reluctant crime solving missions.


I didn't find Harper and Tolliver's relationship particularly repulsive so I don't really understand why the author is making a big deal about it. It's like a longstanding friendship that blossoms into a serious romantic relationship. No problem there.


Just one minor complain; the ending felt kind of rushed. I would have liked to see what Harper and Tolliver have become. And each book had a lot of repetition from the previous book. I'm fortunately not suffering from Alzheimer (yet) so after book 2 that annoyed me a bit.


Anyway, I will definitely try another of C. Harris mystery series.