Omens (Cainsville # 1)

Omens - Kelley Armstrong

Omens is a contemporary thriller/crime series. What you will find are some references to popular belief and superstitions mainly out of Celtic folklore, nothing else. Also Omens heavily focuses on the legal aspect of crime/murder and not so much on the medical (forensics) part of it which I prefer and find interesting mainly in historical mysteries.


Some random thoughts:


- The pacing was too slow and the book is much too long. It's easily 100 pages or so too long.

- Boring and repetitive. After Olivia arrival in Cainsville the scenes alternate between Olivia's life in Cainsville and interaction with the locals and investigating/interviewing witnesses with the arrogant jerk of a lawyer Gabriel.

- Olivia is likeable and I really hope she doesn't end up with Gabriel in future books.

- In the end I was only interested in the part where Olivia interacts with her biological mother and finding out the truth behind the murder. But it took so long to arrive to the conclusion. 


Maybe I will try another series by Kelley Armstrong but I won't continue this one, even though I really want to read about Olivia's reunion with her father. I recognise the potential of this series and the book started really well since I was immediately hooked but I can't cope with boredom while I'm reading.